Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sober Patrol

If you have ever been to a fraternity party or function of any sort I'm sure you have noticed the group of young strapping gentlemen sitting at the front door just waiting to let you in. These men may even be refereed to as security. Be careful!

People working security both have the worst job of the night as well as the most entertaining. They have to deal with a variety of exaggerated personalities due the consumption of a little to much liquid. Some people get angry, others become very giggly, and yet others become very loving. Trying to keep the personalities under control is almost an impossible task.

Sober patrol's official job is to keep the house safe and the people in it safe. However, sometimes they also find themselves entertaining the people in altered states of mind. Drunk people love to talk to someone who is sober. It is a curious thing, because their minds are functioning in two completely different ways.

I believe one reason that drunk people love chilling with the sober crowd is because it shows them how drunk they are. Most people that go out to drink have an intention of getting drunk. They want to feel the effects and they want people in a normal state of mind to be witness to this. It gives them references as to what occurred that night and how ridiculous they were acting. For many drunk people it is a show.

Another reason drunk people love the sobers is because they feel sorry for them. In the drunk person's mind it is no fun being sober, especially not if you have to sit by the door. However, what these unsuspecting party goers do not realize is that they are entertaining the entertainers. If it was not for them many sober patrol members would not be able to make it through the night. It builds a strong circle that can not be broken.

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  1. You have hit the nail on the head. Drunk people do tend to flock toward sober people because they want a full account of what they did that night.

    Most people who get really drunk find the things they do while inebriated hilarious. Although it can be funny, I agree people only do this because they want attention.

    I like how you point out the security has benefits as well, most people would skip over security. But you not only bring them into the writing but you shed a new light on what it is they do. Now it does not seem so derogatory, it could even be fun.