Monday, April 20, 2009

Your Mom Goes to College

This past weekend my fraternity had Mother's Weekend at the house, along with I believe almost every other greek house on campus. Saturday was a day for mothers to come check out the house, hang out with their sons or daughters, and learn a little bit more about what their children are involved with. After the day's activities the mothers had the choice to either go home or stay out late and experience a different side of the college experience.

These mothers were invited to stay and party hard with their sons and daughters. I was surprised at the amount of mothers their were on Saturday night. Normally at a fraternity party you can talk to whomever you would like and it is not awkward; however, if you were trying to meet anyone on Saturday night you got to meet their parents at the same time. The level of awkwardness and the amount of fun that was seen made that night very enjoyable.

Watching the mothers walk into the house was a sight to see. Normally when a group of girls arrives at a party they know exactly where they want to go; these moms on the other hand were a little lost. There was actually a line waiting to go upstairs which I had never seen before. Some mothers were ready to party and experience college right beside their son/daughter, while others were a little skeptical.

These moms were invited to a fraternity party and knew a decent amount of what they would be walking into; however, its one thing to know and a completely different thing to experience first hand. These mothers knew that their children drank, yet watching it happen was almost just a little much for some of these parents. The child that they had seen running around in diapers was not so little anymore.

Their children were old and living life, and I believe that was the difficult part for some moms. It was the realization that their children were taking care of themselves and did not need their hand held. The years of work that went into raising their children had come to a close and now a new part of their life had begun. This doesn't mean that the mothers job is over (most would be devastated) it just means that it is different.

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